Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:Direct Ad Links support will customize the code to the size you need.

Answer:You have the power, as a Direct Ad Links plan client, to change the images as you see fit. Change them as often as you like.

Note: Using a transparent background will help the ads blend into your site.

Answer:Sure can! We offer a sample 30 Day, single ad space account for free. It comes with 1 ad space that will run for 30 calendar days. It is running on the same platform as the multiple ad plans. You have all of the same options and power. Upon the 30 day completion, the account will automatically be closed. Terms apply.

Answer:No. Direct Ad Links is not looking to charge for neither CPM nor CPC.

Answer:Through in-depth research (test markets and free knowledge out in the world) we here at Direct Ad Links, have found that CPM and CPC can easily be rolled into simple, easy to use ad plans.

Answer:As of right now we are only website based ads. In-app ads (Banner ads and Video ads) coming in the future.

Answer:You don't have to resell anything. The platform can be used for random ads of your own. Or, if you just want to use the spaces as space for displaying announcements, photos, artwork, social media links and so on. Having an ad plan will help you know how many impressions and clicks you have had on each individual item you post in a Direct Ad Links space from your account.

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